For 2013 CDRA is going to take a hiatus from touring. There will be one official CDRA event in 2013 and that will be the CDRA Finals at Mo-Kan the last week of October.

We will run a series of big money, two day races at Mo-Kan, Spring, Summer and Fall, and they will provide the same guaranteed purse, one entry, no nonsense bracket racing you have experienced and expect with CDRA.

I know we have some dedicated racers who have enjoyed the CDRA over the past ten seasons and I hope you can join us at Mo-Kan for our “mini-series”.

Whether or not CDRA returns as a traveling series in 2014 is undecided at this time. But we want to leave open the possibility. Thanks for your past support, and we look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Carl Blanton
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